Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Smoke Free Wisconsin Opposes Smoke Free Electronic Cigarettes

In a recent post to it's blog, USA Today - Our Opinion On Public Health, Smoke Free Wisconsin continues it's irrational opposition to electronic cigarettes.

If their goal was truly "Preserving the right to live and breathe tobacco free" then this opposition makes absolutely no sense. Electronic cigarettes ARE tobacco free. What they really seem to object to is NICOTINE.

They post the following points:
When the FDA randomly tested the nicotine cartridges, it discovered carcinogens and a toxic chemical found in anti-freeze. Still, the most worrisome ingredient is nicotine itself. The FDA strictly regulates it in patches, gum and other smoking-cessation products, and it has banned nicotine lollipops and water. E-cigarettes deserve to be treated like other nicotine-delivery devices.

It has been shown in a few studies that the nicotine delivered by tobacco cigarettes is much higher than electronic cigarettes. No one seems concerned about the amount of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes - even though it has been reported that the tobacco companies are even using free base nicotine for greater strength. Electronic cigarettes use pharmacy-grade nicotine in clearly disclosed amounts. Even if the nicotine is higher than the extremely ineffective nicotine devices they regulate, it's still better than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

What is conveniently forgotten and never reported is what the FDA did NOT find in electronic cigarettes - no tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic and hundreds, if not thousands, of other toxins found in tobacco cigarettes and second hand smoke. Why does Smoke Free Wisconsin refuse to acknowledge this?
E-cigarettes come in flavors — from traditional menthol to chocolate and
strawberry — that might lure curious youngsters and prompt them to move on to
the real thing. Distributors say their product is for adults only, but who's to
stop young people from buying it? Only a few locales have banned sales to

This argument simply does not hold water. Aside from the fact that the greater majority of retailers refuse to sell the devices to those under the age of 18, there is no indicationthat children even have the slightest interest in them - even with the attractive flavors. On the contrary, anecdotal evidence shows that teens feel it isn't worth the high cost, nor is it "cool."
Despite protests from the Electronic Cigarette Association that its members
don't make claims about helping smokers quit, plenty of sellers make far
more outrageous health claims. In recent weeks, one marketer
claimed e-cigarettes reduce the risk of heart disease and touted an endorsement
by a physician-and-nurses group. Another website, which says it reviews
e-cigarettes, went them one better: It claims, based on a 1942 study, that an
ingredient in e-cigarettes could prevent flu and other respiratory diseases.
While it may seem reasonable to disregard the claims from manufacturers, but what about the actual owners? Why do non-smoking advocates continuously ignore the experiences of the millions of people who have used these devices to quit smoking and report no adverse health effects? On the contrary, they report improved health and positive doctor's reports.
"The most important point that article makes is this, "All the public has to go on now is the word of the product's marketers. Before consumers inhale something that gives them "vapes" of highly addictive nicotine, they might want an independent authority testing the product to see what's in it." If the e-cig makers are anything like their Big Tobacco counterparts, truth in advertising is bent at the expensive of health and in the favor of profits. "

Again, the FDA did a study, so did Health New Zealand. Electronic cigarettes were found to be hundred's of times LESS toxic and contain hundred's of times LESS carcinogens than tobacco cigarettes.

Smoke Free Wisconsin did not print the follow up letter's to the USA Today editor - nor the hundreds of comments by electronic cigarette users. One letter was from a doctor endorsing their use and another was from an owner that made an excellent point:
"If the majority of users were substituting e-cigarettes for FDA-approved smoking cessation products, perhaps e-cigarettes would deserve to be treated like other nicotine-delivery devices. But the nicotine-delivery devices that e-cigarette users have given up are tobacco cigarettes. They are not using e-cigarettes because of any outrageous health claims on the part of retailers. They are using them because, unlike the FDA-approved smoking cessation products, these work. "

When will Smoke Free Wisconsin realize how wrong they are? By opposing electronic cigarettes, they are signing a death warrent for millions using them to stay away from tobacco cigarettes. Read the comments by the electronic cigarette users on these articles and decide for yourself.


  1. "Truth in advertising?" I'd settle for truth in government reporting. The sad thing is that not one journalist contacted the FDA and asked about the missing information. Not one. Nobody asked, "What quantities of carcinogens did you find? How do the quantities of carcinogens in the cartridges compare with the quantities of carcinogens in the tobacco cigarettes the users were smoking before?" What ever happened to investigative reporting?

  2. Indeed did the journalists ask "How do the quantities of carcinogens compare with the quantities of those carcinogens alowed by and found in FDA approved smoking cessations like Gum?" They maybe suprised by the answer.

    Smoke free Wisconsin also seem to promote Smoking Cessation products such as NicoDerm. The cessation section, on the SWF blog, seems to lack all round advice on quitting, concentrating on pharmaceuaticals.

    Is there some bias in SFW's opposition to the e-cig?

  3. You know the funniest thing is this: They demand more studies, they demand science, they demand doctors weigh in, yet every time they do, they are discounted. Every time there is a study that might just show e-cigs are good, it's discounted. Every time a doctor says "they rock" it's discounted.

    While i'm not one to agree with the swine flu guy, the science of 1942 was not archaic. They invented the atom bomb during that time for crying out loud. Not to mention the other more recent studies, yet every non smoking group is spouting the same rhetoric "we just don't know if PG is safe."

    And the most telling part of her blog is "touted an endorsement by a physicians and nurses group" OH my, bad marketer!! How dare they ask doctors and nurses what they think!! How dare any advertiser say "4 out of 5 doctors approve" unless, I guess you sell drugs or toothpaste, then it's quite alright.

    And I'm waiting to see the next Wal-Mart protest they organize if all products made in china are bad. OH, but no, they shop at Wal-mart and enjoy the savings created from the slave labor wages and lack of regulation in China then, it's only when it's e-cigs that chinese products are bad.

  4. E-Cigs Are Safer then any cigarette.
    & I am a Proud E-Cig user that has cut down to half a pack a day since I started. Without E-Cig I smoke about 2 packs a day.

    They have 3 main Ingredients
    Nicotine (Yes no matter what is known as a poison But safe at Low levels Also used for medical)
    PG or VG Food Grade (Some People are Allergic to PG) (So-far Nobody is allergic to VG)
    Candy Flavoring Food Grade
    If I recall all 3 ingredients are FDA APPROVED

    Who is to say It is not safe?
    Just because its made in china does not mean It's Bad.

    Slave labor NO.. They require less money then we do... & They also take and Do better work then we do for mass productions. They also are more willing to do jobs we are not willing to do.. That has been proven time over time again.

    There is no Lead in the devices.
    For those who look to blame china for Lead in paint etc.
    Thank your American Companies trying to cut corners to make the products cheaper so they can earn more money. Yes its the truth.
    It is not china's Fault They only do as they were asked. If you ask them to Gold Plate all connections they will.

    Americans are so stupid in so many ways. All Americans want to do is blame someone else instead of there own...

    And Yes I am american But Wish to get out of this country of Prejudice People. Trying to earn enough to leave!!!

    And I will tell you that Day is coming soon.
    The government controls us here. & Then we blame others for our situations when it is all of our own.

    The Government has no right to Tell us what we can or can not do. (Martial Law) The People Approved the start of Martial Law

    WE The people need to stand up for our rights.
    But it will never happen if people will not Gather together.

    The government just wants to make money money money & Take more from the people of america

  5. Great blog..I just ordered some e-cigs..i hope to have the same success as many others have had..

  6. I tried ecigs to cut back but they satisfied me to the point where I quit! No mind altering drugs,patches or doctor prescribed inhalers needed. I am totally confused why there is such a resistance to these. First of all smoking itself IS NOT ILLEGAL!!! It is offensive to nonsmokers though and this is the perfect soulution to make everyone happy. Doctors prescribe nicotine ihnalers and those aren't getting any flack. Are people just pissed that it LOOKS like we're smoking?


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