Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EU politician shows what governments really fear about e-cigarettes

Giancarlo Scottà, a member of the European Parliament from Italy, recently posted this question to his fellow EU  politicians:
"The consumption of traditional cigarettes provides the Member States with sizeable revenues, as a result of the substantial taxes to which they are subject. 
According to a recent report by ANSA (Italian news agency) of 21 April 2013, in the first two months of 2013 alone, Italy’s coffers registered a loss of EUR 132 million, corresponding to a fall in revenue from duty on tobacco of approximately 7.6%. Of course, this shortfall cannot be completely blamed on the increasing use of electronic cigarettes, but it is certainly partly responsible.  
In light of the above, can the Council state what action it intends to take to address the differences in tax revenue materialising in State coffers following the proliferation of electronic cigarettes, which currently appear to be free from any form of duty?"
E-cigarettes: the bad news is...
people are buying fewer cigarettes.

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