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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Joye510

Welcome to the world of personal vaporizers! The Joye510 is one of the most popular models currently on the market.

Now that you have your new device, you may have heard that there is a bit of a learning curve. This guide is meant to answer the most common questions about the use and maintenance of the 510 model.
Guide Index:
What to Order
--Starter Kit
Getting Started
510 Components
----USB Pass-through
----Burnt/Chemical/Harsh Taste
----Loose Fitting Cartridge
----Filler Modifications

What to Order
The following list is what is most commonly advised by experienced owners for a basic starter kit:
2-4 Batteries
2-4 Atomizers
USB or AC Charger
Personal Charging Case
USB Pass-through
Empty Cartridges
Extra FillerTweezers (Pointed tip)

e-Liquid Nicotine Strength Recommendations:
Occasional Smoker: Zero to Low
Up to 1 pack/day: Low to Medium
Up to 2 packs/day: Medium to High
Over 2 packs/day: High to Extra High

Getting Started
When you first get your device, you will want to set it up properly for the best experience.

First, fully charge your batteries. Place them in the charger until the light turns green. Some recommend to charge for a minimum of 4 hours, regardless of the green light.

Second, blow out your atomizer. The atomizer comes from the factory with a “primer fluid” to keep it moist, but it tastes terrible. Simply place your mouth over the threaded end and blow hard onto a paper towel until no more liquid comes out.

Third, fill your cartridge. DO NOT OVERFILL. Use the dropper to drip the liquid until it no longer absorbs into the filler. Usually around 15 drops. If some liquid pools at the top, dab with a paper towel.

Fourth, drip TWO drops directly onto the metal coil in the atomizer.

Finally, attach the cartridge to the atomizer and then screw the atomizer onto the fully charged battery.

NOTE: There may still be some primer fluid on the atomizer, so you want to take a few puffs into your mouth and blow it directly out, to get the liquid flowing into the atomizer. Give 20-30 seconds between puffs, so the atomizer doesn’t get too hot. If you continue to taste a burnt/chemical taste, this is the atomizer burning off the primer fluid. Continue to “puff & blow” until the taste diminishes. If the taste gets worse, add two more drops directly onto atomizer again and continue to “puff and blow.”

For more information on the “burnt/bitter/chemical” taste issues, see this link:

Once the primer fluid has burned off, you should be good for up to 20 puffs before you have to "top off" (adding a couple of drops to the filler) or refilling. Read the sections below on cartridge modifications for optimal filling techniques and using the batteries properly.

Remember that this is NOT a tobacco cigarette. You don't draw on it as you would a cigarette. You want to take it easy on the draw. Slowly inhale, to allow the atomizer time to heat the liquid. Don't draw on it hard or you'll end up with a mouthful of unvaporized liquid!

510 Components

This is what powers your device. It is recommended that you charge it fully before first use. Batteries come in assorted body colors and LED colors. They are also available with no LED. Batteries come in automatic and manual styles.

The automatic has a switch built into it that activates by the air that rushes through it when you inhale. It is good for hands-free use, however, it is very sensitive and is known to activate by sound and light impact. This may cause it to turn on while in a pocket or purse and may have to be recharged more frequently. Automatic batteries also have an automatic shutoff built in that frustrates some users who want a longer, deeper draw. The automatic batteries have a hole in them to allow air flow for the switch. Consequently, it is recommended that caution be used not to overfill the cartridge, direct drip or flood the atomizer, because it can get into the battery. (More on flooding & dripping later.)

When using an automatic battery, it is recommended to employ a "primer puff" before every draw, to pre-heat the atomizer for optimal vapor production. This is taking a short puff, followed by the actual inhale draw.

The manual switch activated with a button. It is generally the more popular option with experienced vapers, because it allows more control over the draw and heat. It also allows the atomizer to get a little hotter and produce more vapor. It usually does not have a shutoff built in. With this kind of use, the battery life tends to be shorter. The manual battery does not have any hole and therefore, better adapted for dripping and less susceptible to damage from the liquid.

When using a manual battery, a "primer puff" is not needed. Simply press the button before you begin your draw, then release after you are finished.

Regular & Extra Long Batteries:
The 510 has two lengths of batteries available. The regular length is what comes in most kits. An extra long version is available from some vendors. The extra long battery, also known as the Titan MEGA, lasts longer, however, it takes longer to charge and will not fit in the 510 Personal Charging Case.

USB Pass-through:
This accessory allows for direct power from a computer or AC outlet. It looks like a battery, but has a cord with a USB plug. It can be plugged directly into a computer USB port or into a USB AC or Car Adapter and plugged into an AC outlet or car lighter outlet. There are two versions of this accessory – one has an actual battery that is continuously recharged by the USB port (in a small battery case near the plug) and the other just has wires that go directly from the connector to the USB plug. Neither has an LED.

The atomizer (atty) is a heating element that heats up the liquid and turns it into a vapor. One end screws into the battery and the other end fits the cartridge. It consists of a small pot or chamber, which holds a reserve of the liquid. There is a metal mesh coil or “bridge,” which draws in the liquid from the cartridge to a fiberglass wick. The heating element heats up the liquid and turns it into a vapor, which is then drawn back through vents in the mouthpiece by the user. The 510 atomizer is often the source of issues with performance and taste.

If you get a “gurgling” sound when you draw on the device, you have flooded the atomizer. This means that there is too much liquid in the atomizer for it to properly vaporize. Remove the atomizer from the battery and cartridge and blow out the excess liquid onto a paper towel from the threaded end.

The atomizers, by design, are not meant to last forever. However, you may be able to extend the life of your atomizer and improve performance with occasional cleaning. There are many tried and UN-proven methods for cleaning, some more successful than others. Most agree that occasionally blowing out the atomizer is a safe practice, as the liquid tends to build up in the atomizer.

Some signs that your atomizers may need cleaning are:
-Reduced vapor production
-Hard or difficult draw
-Burnt/Harsh taste

Here are the recommendations by the manufacturer, Joye Technologies: 510 usage and maintenance instructions from Joye Technology

The following cleaning methods have been tried by various ECF members. It is advised that these cleaning methods be tried ONLY AS A LAST RESORT. There are many, many opinions on cleaning and it is STRONGLY suggested that you read the various threads on this topic.

Hot Water Rinse: Run under VERY hot water. Dry 48 hours.

Soaking/Baths: Soak in one of the following; Everclear or 100 proof vodka, isopropyl alcohol, diet cola, Polident (denture cleaner), hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or ice machine cleaner. Rinse VERY well under hot running water. Dry 48 hours.

Read more on these methods:

Hot Water Boil: Boil for 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously. Dry 48 hours.

Hot Water Boil w/Baking Soda: As above but with 1 tbsp baking soda added to the water. Rinse well. Dry 48 hours.

Dry Burn: Rinse under hot water. Dry 48 hours. Attach atomizer to battery. Press and hold battery button 4-7 seconds. Repeat until there is no vapor produced during the dry burn.

Burnt/Chemical/Bad Taste

The cartridge on a 510 is more complex than it seems at first glance. It is a combination of mouthpiece and filler/liquid chamber. One end is open to a chamber to add the filler material and liquid, the other end has another, smaller chamber, which is closed off with a removable end cap, with a hole in the center. This end can be round or have a “whistle tip,” which is flattened on two sides. If you look closely, there are two slots on the flat sides of the liquid chamber, going into the mouthpiece chamber. This is how the vapor gets from the atomizer to the mouth. The vapor does not travel through the filler material, it travels around the liquid chamber, into the mouthpiece chamber. When the filler end is fitted into the atomizer, the metal coil acts like a wick, drawing the liquid into the atomizer to be vaporized.

Loose Cartridges:
The diameter of 510 atomizer was recently made larger, resulting in the older, smaller cartridges not fitting properly and falling off. Loose cartridges were also a problem with the M-401 model and an ECF member came up with a modification to fix the problem. With the 510, you would make the modification to the outside of the cartridge, but you can get the idea here: Fixing loose cartridges on an M-401 electronic Cigarette

This is the material inside the refillable cartridge. It is a polyester batting material. It acts like a sponge, to keep the liquid from spilling out of the cartridge and available for the atomizer wick. This may be removed and replaced with another material, which is called a “modification” or “mod” for short. The liquid can eventually get "gummy" and affect the taste, throat hit or draw, so the filler should occasionally be removed, rinsed and dried for reuse.

Filler Modifications:
PTB (Pyramid Tea Bag) Mod:

Straw Mod:

Fluval Mod:

Blue Foam Mod:

Brass Screen Mod:

More Ideas:

Some owners eschew filler altogether and choose to "direct drip." This simply means to take the filler out of the cartridge and "drip" 2-3 drops of liquid directly on the atomizer coil. Then, replace the mouthpiece and use as normal. Be careful not to over drip or you will flood the atomizer! Proponents of this method feel this gives a more consistant vapor and throat hit, without relying on filler materials.

Here is a modification made to aid with the drip method: Direct Drip Cart Mod (DDC)

There is also a cool little gadget for dripping called an e-Dobbit: .. : Sticker to it!, Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

Similar to dripping, dipping delivers the liquid directly to the atomizer. Dipping does not work well with the 510 atomizer, as the coil is recessed within its casing. Other models have an exposed atomizer coil, which allows for the owner to "dip" the coil into a small container of liquid. If you would like to try dipping with your 510, you can purchase a 306 model atomizer, which is compatible with the 510 battery. Proponents of this method sometimes prefer this over dripping, because it is less likely to flood the atomizer.

There are three common chargers available for most 510 batteries: USB, AC and PCC.

Charges a single battery and plugs directly into your computer’s USB port. Place the threaded end of the battery in the hole and screw it in place until the light turns red. It will turn green when charged.

Charges a single battery and plug into a standard wall outlet. Has a removable cord. Also has a port for a car charger. Place the threaded end of the battery in the hole and screw it in place until the light turns red. It will turn green when charged.

PCC (Personal Charging Case):
Charges a single battery and also holds one atomizer and two cartridges. Plugs into a USB port, with a mini USB on one end and a standard USB on the other. Place the battery in the far right hole, thread side down. The pressure from the lid will push it into place to charge - it does not screw in place.

There are three lights on the PCC:
Top Light - Red indicates a battery is charging. Turns off when charged.
Middle Light - Red indicates the PCC battery is too low to charge the battery inside.
Bottom Light - Red indicates the PCC needs to be charged. Green means the PCC is fully charged and ready for your battery.

USB to AC Adapter: Allows any USB cord to plug into a standard AC outlet.

USB Car Charger Adapter: Allows any USB cord to plug into a car lighter outlet.

Car Charger: Allows the AC charger to charge a battery using a car lighter outlet.

This is the liquid which gets vaporized by the atomizer. If you bought pre-filled cartridges, it has already been filled by the manufacturer. If you bought empty cartridges, you need to buy the liquid from a reputable vendor. Some liquids are factory-made in China and resold directly to the customers. Some liquids are custom-made by the vendor. The best way to decide on which liquid to buy is to visit the Supporting Suppliers forums: and read what their customers have to say about them.

e-Liquid is made of water, propylene or vegetable glycol, nicotine and food flavoring. Some also contain glycerine.

Common Nicotine Levels:
NONE (Zero)
Extra Low: 6-8MG
Low: 10-12mg
Medium: 16-18mg
High: 24-26mg
Extra High: 36mg
For Mixing/Diluting Only: 48mg, 60mg

Some vendors have created special mixes for higher temperature devices, which also work well with the 510 manual batteries. No one can tell you what tastes the best, it’s a matter of trial and error. It’s recommended that you buy samples from different vendors and find what works for you.

You can mix flavors to create your own. A couple of drops of "cola" with a drop or two of "vanilla" makes a great vanilla coke! Experiment and have fun. Don't limit yourself to just tobacco flavors, either - it's one of the best features of vaping.

Some people new to vaping complain that the flavors of the liquids are too faint or all taste the same in the 510. Give it some time. You have to break in/season the atomizer, to really get the full flavor. Also, after being off tobacco cigarettes for a few days, your taste buds will start to recover and the flavors will become more distinct. Some vendors even offer an option to double the flavor in their liquids. After a while, you be noticing all of the subtle tastes and smells you've been missing all of this time!

If you like menthol, you can increase the menthol content of your liquid by adding menthol crystals or menthol drops. Suprisingly, menthol liquid is popular with both former menthol tobacco smokers and non-menthol smokers alike. It's believed to add extra throat hit to other flavors, as well. Read more: Menthol fans!

It's recommended that you use a fresh atomizer for each flavor, as it's difficult to get certain flavors, such as menthol or clove, out if the atomizer wick. You don't want to have to do a throrough cleaning and wait 48 hours for drying time, every time you want to change flavors. So, get a new atomizer for each flavor you use. Some people label their atomizers or color code it with paint/nailpolish. You can also put the atomizer, with the cartridge, into a Ziploc Snack Bag with it's bottle, to keep them organized.

This guide is meant to be a primer and is not the definative guide to the Joye510! You can get advice and read more about your new 510 in the Model Specific Forum: Joye 510 - • The place for electronic cigarette reviews, news and chat

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