Friday, March 8, 2013

FDA: The hypocrisy continues

Below is an excerpt from a good article by Dr. Michael Siegel whose blog - "The Rest of the Story, Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary" often covers smoking harm reduction topics.

The Rest of the Story

Not only is the FDA spouting old tobacco industry propaganda for which the anti-smoking groups and federal government attacked the companies, but it is taking that deception of the American public to an even higher level. While the cigarette companies merely suggested that major changes in their products could make a cigarette safer, the FDA is stating that minuscule changes in a cigarette can make it safer than others on the market.

The ultimate irony here is that if the cigarette companies made precisely the same claim as the FDA, the agency and anti-smoking groups would be blasting the companies and probably would be preparing a lawsuit against them for racketeering and fraud....

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