Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glantz the ANTZ provides argument against his own agenda

Today I'm just sharing this excellent blog post by my fellow CASAA director, Dr. Carl Phillips:

Stanton Glantz declares that hospitality workers' exposure to ETS is not "involuntary"
[Note: This is a spinoff of this post at the anti-THR Lies blog, but (a) was slightly off topic for that blog and (b) deserves its own post. See the other post for complete background.]

In a recent blog post, Stanton Glantz, one of the most prolifically dishonest proponents of banning smoking everywhere, regardless of private preferences, declared "OSHA PEL is not an appropriate standard for involuntary exposure". He was arguing that OSHA workplace standards for chemical exposures are irrelevant to determining the acceptable level of environmental exposure from electronic cigarettes. In so doing he was grossly misrepresenting the arguments he was responding to (see the Lies post), but his statement, per se, was a valid one.

Funny thing though: The trouble with being willing to say anything to further one's political aims, regardless of whether it is honest or accurate, is that you eventually contradict yourself. Few people have the intelligence and intellectual discipline to lie all the time that without tripping themselves up.

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